A Genealogy Trip Through Time and Place.

This web site contains my genealogy work to date. Both my father's family (Flint) and my mother's family (Blake) are represented. In addition I've done work on my ex-wife's line as well as two of my sisters in law. The third sister in law will be added soon. (I hope!) Like all genealogical projects, this is a work in progress. There are errors, omissions, and even a few verified facts contained in this site.

On this site the names of living people are displayed when they are a part of an event in a deceased person's life. If one or both of the parents are deceased then a living person will appear as one of their children. If a spouse has predeceased a living person then they will appear in their marriage event. There are no circumstances where personal information of living person other than their name will appear on this site

If you are reading this and you are deceased, then please contact me NOW, especially if you are Jacob C Blake. (Jacob your parents have been hard to find. A little help wouldn't hurt.)

The site was created from my TMG (The Master Genealogist) database using John Cardinal's Second Site program. Like many others who have used Second Site, I have discovered many flaws in how I have recorded data and sources. I have corrected a great many of them already and will continue to do so as I discover them. In addition to corrections I will continue with my research and make continual updates to this site.

Any feed back either positive or negative will be gratefully received.

The following icons are used on the site.

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